Neuropathy: Burning/Tingling/Numbness to the Foot and Ankle

Causes of Neuropathy

There are many reasons neuropathy can occur.  The most common cause in our office is Diabetes.  Neuropathy from diabetes presents as "stocking-glove appearance."  It occurs in both legs and/or arms and it can present as numbness or tingling/burning.

Other common reasons can stem from low back pain, nerve impinements, foot deformities, and other systemic conditions.

How to diagnose neuropathy?

Evaluation by a neurologist will be the best way to be diagnosed for neuropathy.  They can perform a nerve conduction test to see ehere your neuropathy stems from and diagmose the severity of neuropathy.

If your nerve conduction studies are negative, it doesn't mean that you don't have neuropathy.  You may still have small fiber neuropathy.  Nerve conduction tests evaluate the larger nerves in your body.  Small fiber neuropathy is a dysfunction of the smaller nerves, which cannot be picked up from a nerve conduction study.  This cannot be evaluated with a nerve biopsy by your neurologist or podiatrist.


Is it important to get diagnosed early?

The short answer is YES.

Earlier you get diagnosed, there may be chances to reverse it.

Is Neuropathy Reversible?

Neuropathy may be reversible if caught early.  You can start an intense vitamin regimen for about 3 months to help decrease the progression of neuropathy.  From there we can continue on a standard regimen about once a day.

If you know your neuropathy is caused by diabetes, or a possible nerve impingment, then you will need to address the underlying cause of your neuropathy.

I've Had Neuropathy or a Long Time and Nothing Works

If you have tried the standard medication and have no other options for treatment, there are many other options for neuropathy like spinal cord stimulators or other electrode devices.  We can work with you to help decrease the pain and regain your balance.

Curious about alternative treatments for neuropathy or want to be evaluated for neuropathy?  You can book online at or call 702-997-9833, option 1 to schedule an appointment.  We will evaluate you and your medical history to figure out your next best treatment option!

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